Why is P6 Scheduling perfect for your construction project?

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  • November 28, 2016 | info

P6 scheduling is used by a variety of industries and organizations including NASA, engineers, and software development companies. Many construction companies use the P6 scheduler to plan building projects. But what makes P6 scheduling so ideal for projects across so many industries?

First, its ability to integrate critical path method scheduling into an easy to use software, allows you to plan otherwise unpredictable schedules. The way it facilitates scheduling out tasks with uncertain start and end times, allows you to stay on schedule and adapt when the unexpected occurs. However, there are several other features P6 construction scheduling software offers that can help you plan and efficiently execute a construction project.

Resource Management

One helpful feature that can assist you in creating a more accurate construction plan is resource management. Every construction project uses some type of material or resource. Having too much wastes money and having too little slows progress. Resource management tools are included in most P6 schedulers and they allow you to visualize your resources with charts and graphs. You can also set alerts to notify you when one of your resources are running low.

Many construction managers choose to focus solely on timelines when mapping out a construction project. However, managing the flow of resources and materials is a big part of keeping a project on schedule.

Risk Analysis

Construction projects are often surrounded by risks that can potentially delay the completion date. Red tape, delays in financing, soil sample delays, and many more building hindrances can cause your project to miss deadlines. Risk assessment is common in large and expensive construction and city development projects. However, P6 construction scheduling allows construction projects of any size to analyze risk and plan accordingly.

Some clients prefer (if not require) a risk assessment but even if they don’t, a little risk management can go a long way in keeping you on track. Keep in mind, that risk management tools are not as ubiquitous in P6 scheduling software as resource management. However, there are programs that offer it, if it’s something you’re interested in.

Cloud Access

A relatively new feature to come out of construction scheduling innovation is cloud and mobile access to your software. This means you are able to access your schedule from a mobile device or any other device connected to the internet. Foremen can also update your schedule in real time. This can help you overcome obstacles, create accurate reports, and adapt to changes faster and more efficiently.

Ability to Collaborate

In the same spirit as cloud-based scheduling, the ability to collaborate on projects allows you to be more efficient when creating and managing your schedule. Especially with large projects, it’s important to communicate with all the members of your team. Using a P6 scheduler can help you avoid emailing project files back and forth and potentially having a member of your team miss something. Collaborating on one schedule can help everyone see the same plan at once.